How to order resources

To order resources from the EXRC please download the Xenopus Resource request form (.xls) (keep the same file format) and  email your order to  EXRC@xenopusresource.org.

If you have any specific questions or you want to discus your order, please contact us at EXRC@xenopusresource.org

Plasmids are usually spotted onto filter paper and are sent via Royal Mail.

Fosmids are provided as an LB Stab culture in a Falcon tube and sent via Royal Mail.

Antibodies are sent in microcentrifuge tubes packed with ice blocks and sent usually via Express International courier (paid directly)*.

Ooyctes are sent in 1x MBS (below) with one ovary per Falcon tube and sent via Express International courier (paid directly)*.

Live frogs are sent via a licensed livestock courier (usually paid by the recipient)**.

A small charge for academic users is applied to each resource to cover the cost and delivery detailed in the table below.  For commercial users please contact us for prices.

If you have provided the EXRC with resources please download a copy of the EXRC logo (.jpg) to display on your website so other Xenopus users know we have the resources available.

1 x MBS

88mM NaCl

1mM KCl

2.4mM NaHCO3

0.82mM MgSO4 x 2H2O

0.33mM Ca(NO3)2 x 2H2O

0.41mM CaCl2x 6H2O


*We ship most of our other resources with Express International courier service for which you need to pay them directly. Please choose which option you prefer.

Their charges are:

  • Overnight anytime next working day £24.20 + VAT which can be by the end of day – this is the standard option
  • Next day pre 12 £34.20 + VAT
  • Next day pre 10am £44.20 + VAT
  • Next day pre 9am £49.20 + VAT

These prices apply to wet-ice shipments. Dry ice shipments are slightly higher.

Please bear in mind that these services do not offer an overnight guarantee. For guaranteed UK shipments, the cost is £75 + VAT.

** Live animal Courier delivery costs depends on the location