Xenopus wild-type strains

Wild-type animals, albinos and inbred strains

Large stocks of these animals mean that we can almost always fulfil users’ requirements immediately but if you wish to order more than 50 frogs then please let us know by email at EXRC@xenopusresource.org as soon as possible.

Xenopus laevis

The main “house” Xenopus laevis stock,  has a mixed background, and has been inbred in house for over 14 years. We also stock frogs bought in from Nasco, and a small number of frogs from Leiden University (we cannot provide these). We have also created crosses between these lines. Currently our stocks are:

  • EXRC
  • NARCS: EXRC female x Nasco male
  • LIRCS: EXRC female x Leiden male
  • LINCO: Lieden female x nasco male (not created yet)

The albino animals are bred from parents that originated in Cambridge and were obtained from Warwick.

Xenopus tropicalis

The Xenopus tropicalis “wild-type” stocks that are normally supplied are of the Nigerian strain and are inbred for 7 generations so their DNA sequence is similar to the published one. We can also supply Ivory Coast, TGA blue strains and the more inbred Nigerians.

Transport to your laboratory can be arranged by approved courier and charged to you or you may arrange to collect. Before sending, each batch of Xenopus laevis is checked for Bd and a selection of frogs is tested for embryo production.