Transgenic and mutant lines

Lines are submitted to EXRC by a range of researchers across the community, as well as produced in the centre. If you would like any of your lines to be held and distributed by EXRC then please see the depositing animals page. The amount of information available about each line we hold varies depending on that provided with it but what we have can be found by clicking on the corresponding line button on the left of this page.

Flk1 female albino x NBT katushka male 1
Flk1 female albino x NBT katushka male 3

For all lines that arrive we breed them as soon as possible after they leave quarantine and the expression of the transgene in the offspring is checked. Images of the expression from these quality assurance matings are shown on the lines pages. A similar approach is taken with mutant lines, ensuring that the mutation is expressed in inbred embryos. In the longer term these data are deposited on Xenbase.

We will arrange to collect frogs or frozen sperm from those depositing lines at our cost. If you require a line then transport to your laboratory can be arranged by approved courier and charged to you or you may arrange to collect. As the number of lines grows the less popular ones will be held mainly as frozen sperm and we will recover these and send frogs or send the sperm as preferred.

Many transgenic and mutant lines are held as frozen sperm. To see X. tropicalis tilling lines please visit the TILLING library page.