Depositing animals or reagents at the EXRC

The European Xenopus Resource Centre is a notĀ for profit organization which aims to collect and create resources of general use to the Xenopus research community. These Resources are then re-distributed to the community for a small charge to cover the costs of storage/maintenance/distribution.

We collect many types of resources including the list below. However, if you would like to deposit something that is not listed there, please contact us.

  • X. laevis and X. tropicalis transgenic lines
  • X. tropicalis mutant lines
  • X. laevis and X. tropicalis in situ probes and RNA injection plasmids
  • pTransgenesis plasmidsĀ (currently 68 gateway clones)
  • X. tropicalis fosmids
  • X. laevis IMAGE clones
  • X. laevis BACs
  • Cell biology and developmental biology antibodies

The EXRC collection is continually growing and is available both via Xenbase and the EXRC website working together to support Xenopus research.

We are very grateful to all who have already donated to the centre and made the EXRC possible.

If you would like to deposit antibodies, plasmids or transgenic lines so they become available to the community please contact us:

The basic information that we need for submission of lines and molecular reagents is on the downloadable forms accessed from the buttons below.