Prices, Orders and Payments

Price list from 1st of December 2018.

A small charge for academic users is applied to each resource to cover the cost and delivery, as detailed in the table below.  For commercial users prices are double the cost below.

Xenopus laevis WT (adult) FEMALE£29.00
Xenopus laevis WT (adult) MALE£24.00
Xenopus tropicalis WT (adult) FEMALE/MALE£24.00
Transgenic Xenopus laevis (adult) FEMALE£33.00Shipping only with specialised animal courier
Transgenic Xenopus laevis (adult) MALE£28.00(quotes on request)
Transgenic Xenopus tropicalis (adult) FEMALE/MALE£25.00
Xenopus laevis (tadpole) x MONTH OLD£3.00
Xenopus tropicalis (tadpole) x MONTH OLD£3.00
Embryos Xla £50.00

Within England and some other parts of UK*+ £20 cost of packaging and delivery

Outside England and abroad

+ £10 cost of packaging and delivery arrangements, sent on customer account (FedEx/DHL/TNT)

Embryos GA £55.00
Oocytes (Per Batch –  7-10mL) £40.00
Fresh testes WT £35.00
Fresh testes GA £39.00
Frozen sperm (aliquot) £6.00

 + £58 cost of packaging (£16 per

box), dry ice (£32 up to 20kg)

and delivery arrangements (£10);

sent on dry ice on customer

account (FedEx/DHL/TNT)

Egg extracts (100uL) £20.00

*please enquire as there are courier limitation in delivery to some of the UK location within 24hrs

Plasmids (Liquid/Spot) £10.00 Sent on customer account (FedEx/DHL/TNT) or Royal Mail
Fosmids (Per Stab) £20.00
BACs (Per Stab) £20.00
Antibody (500ul) £24.00
OFReome (Per Stab) £20.00


Packaging & Postage within England £20.00
Packaging Worldwide (for frogs) from £23 up
Bucket £7.00
Insulated box – Worldwide £50.00
Insulated box for dry ice £16
Dry ice £32
Delivery arrangement £10

How to order resources

To order resources from the EXRC, please download the Xenopus Request Form and email your order to

If you have any specific questions or you want to discuss your order, please contact us at or by phone on +44(0)23 9284 2327.

Plasmids are usually spotted onto filter paper and sent via Royal Mail.

Fosmids and ORFeome clones are provided as an LB Stab culture in a Falcon tube and sent via Royal Mail.

Antibodies are sent in microcentrifuge tubes packed with ice blocks and usually sent via courier (charged on the recipient’s account).

Oocytes are sent in 1x MBS* with one ovary per Falcon tube and sent via courier next day by 10 am service.

Live frogs are sent via a licensed livestock courier (paid directly to the shipping company by the recipient).

A small charge for academic users is applied to each resource to cover the cost and delivery detailed in the table below.

* 1 x MBS

88mM NaCl, 1mM KCl, 2.4mM NaHCO3, 0.82mM MgSO4 x 2H2O, 0.33mM Ca(NO3)2 x 2H2O, 0.41mM CaCl2x 6H2O, 10mM HEPES


VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate. For UK customers, who are charities, VAT Zero rating might be applicable for specific supplies; this will be stated in your quotation. We would also like to remind you that VAT is always added for any purchases of live frogs.

Please note that our preferred method of payment is on the online store (links supplied upon purchase confirmation).  If you cannot pay by credit card, we can issue an invoice.

For this method of payment, we require an official order from your organization that states your acceptance of our terms and conditions, and there will be an additional £20 surcharge to cover administration costs.

We can not raise invoices for less than £100; therefore any amount that falls under will be rounded up to £100, and the administrative fee of £20 will be added on top of that totaling £120 for the given invoice.

If you have provided the EXRC with resources please download a copy of the EXRC logo (.jpg) to display on your website so other Xenopus users know we have the resources available.