About Plasmids

The BBSRC funds the frog centre to collect, curate and distribute molecular reagents for Xenopus, specifically in situ hybridisation probes, expression clones and antibodies. In addition any left-over morpholino oligonucleotides can be stored and distributed.

We would be most grateful if your group would consider sending us any key reagents with their corresponding information/description order to make them available to the Xenopus community. At the bottom of this page are forms for information on reagents  that can rapidly be transferred to the centre website. Please fill these in if you have time but we will happily do so if you supply the necessary information you have in a different format.

We will only accept molecular reagents that can be freely distributed for the moment. If you have reagents that you would like to be lodged with the centre but not distributed immediately then please contact EXRC.

Once the reagents you send have been received, they will be prepared,  fully characterised and placed on the centre website and added to Xenbase as soon as possible, they will be attributed to your lab should you wish. If you do want them attributed please load your details onto Xenbase.

On 1st of December 2015 there were 2500 Xenopus probes and expression clones available from the centre. From these only around 900 have been sequenced, however, we are working slowly but steadily to increase that number. This service should save everyone considerable time and effort and we thank all these who have donated. We hope that you will join the project by providing your reagents and can give us an indication of when you might be able to provide new clones.

Many plasmids held by the EXRC can be found on the Xenbase Clone Page and they are searchable via clone name, gene symbol, etc.

Please note the new database format:

Plasmids in light blue have a Xla insert and plasmids in light green have a Xtr insert.

The plasmids are arranged according to the insert’s gene symbol, however, it can be re-arranged to suit your needs and search working the normal Excel controls.

Plasmid List Download

Please bear in mind that some of the links between our website and Xenbase might not be working at the moment. We are currently addressing this issue and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tab 1 – Sequenced Xenopus plasmids

Tab 2 – Sequenced Mouse plasmids that work on Xenopus

Tab 3 – Sequenced Human plasmids that work on Xenopus

Tab 4 – Vectors and Transgenic  Construcs

Tab 5 – Plasmids not yet sequenced

Tab 6 – Plasmids with unclear sequences

Tab 7 – Figure Legends