Antibody > GRP78/BIP

General Information

Form: monoclonal
Isotype: lgG1
Animal: Mouse
Applications: Western Blot


Origin: Proteintech, 66574-1-Ig



Hela cell extract (abcam, ab170197) and extracts from various stages of  X. laevis embryos and  were resolved on precast gradient protein gels (Bio-Rad, TGX 4-20%), then blotted to PVDF membrane (Sigma-Aldrich, IPFL00005). Total protein was visualised with the No-StainTM Protein Labeling Reagent (Thermofisher) and is shown on the gel on the right. The membrane was blocked in 1x casein blocking buffer (Sigma, B6429) for 1 hour at room temperature, then incubated with the mouse anti-GRP78 antibody at 1:10000 and rabbit anti-alpha-Tubulin (Cell Signalling Technology, 11H10) at 1:1000 at 4oC overnight. Secondary antibodies were: Alexa Fluor Plus 647 donkey anti-mouse and Alexa Fluor Plus 800 donkey anti-rabbit  (Thermofisher Scientific: A32787, A32808), and were used at 1:20000. The results were visualised with the iBright FL 1500 imaging system (Thermofisher Scientific). Red = GPR78, Green = alpha-Tubulin


The EXRC does not supply this antibody, you can order it from proteintech