Antibody > mtHP70 (MA3-028)

General Information

Immunogen: Synthetic peptide corresponding to residues G(615) S G S S G T G E Q K E D Q K E E K Q(633) of mouse mtHSP70.
Isotype: lgG3
Animal: Mouse
Applications: Immunofluorescence


Origin: ThermoFisher Scientific
The antibody was tested on XTC cells fixed in 3% formaldehyde in 80% PBS for 20 minutes, then permeabilised in 0.5% TritonX in PBS for 10 minutes. The antibody was used at a 1:200 dilution in PBS for 20 minutes. Similar results were seen with cells fixed in methanol at -20 oC for 5 minutes.
NB: The EXRC does not supply this antibody. You can order it fromĀ ThermoFisher Scientific.