Plasmid > ag1-HAR99


Xenbase Number: XB-CLONE-4445458
Previous Plasmid name: IMAGE:5309001
Species: Xtr
Gene symbol: ag1
Gene Name: anterior gradient 1
Gene synonyms: XAG, xag1, xag-1
Gene Function: signal modulator
Vector: pCMV-Sport6.ccdb
Antibiotic: Amp
Purpose: To generate probe for in-situ
Special Features: BQ391796 - Full length. dbEST Id:12436621 EST name: NISC_mq20g05.y1 - GenBank Acc:BQ391796 GenBank gi: 21079483 CLONE INFO: Full Length Clone Id: IMAGE:5309001 (5') Source: IMAGE Consortium, LLNL Cloned into Not I/RV site
Expression pattern:
Insert size and sites:
Antisense Linearization: kpnI
Antisense Polymerase: T7
Antisense size:
Sense Linearization:
Sense Polymerase:
Sense size: