Plasmid > gdf6-595


Xenbase Number: XB-CLONE-12441315
Previous Plasmid name: pBS-GDF6
Species: Xla
Gene symbol: gdf6
Gene Name: growth differentiation factor 6
Gene synonyms: kfs , kfsl , sgm1 , bmp13 , cdmp2 , gdf-6
Gene Function: TGFb signalling modulator
Vector: pBluescript SK
Antibiotic: Amp
Purpose: To generate probes for in situ
Special Features:
Expression pattern: Neural plate, hind brain, eyes
Insert size and sites:
Antisense Linearization: NotI
Antisense Polymerase: T7
Antisense size:
Sense Linearization:
Sense Polymerase:
Sense size:
Reference: Chang & Hemmati-Brivanlou 1999. Dev 126: 3347-3357