Plasmid > ncam1-3


Xenbase Number: n/a
Previous Plasmid name: PN1
Species: Xla
Gene symbol: ncam1
Gene Name: neural cell adhesion molecule 1
Gene synonyms: ncam, n-cam
Gene Function: cell adhesion
Vector: pSP72, 2.9Kb
Antibiotic: Amp
Purpose: To generate probe for in situ
Special Features:
Expression pattern: Neural Plate
Insert size and sites:
Antisense Linearization: HindIII
Antisense Polymerase: SP6
Antisense size:
Sense Linearization:
Sense Polymerase:
Sense size:
Reference: Kintner and Melton(1997) Development Chris Kintner, Salk Inst (601) 485 6675