Plasmid > pax6-HAR182


Xenbase Number: XB-CLONE-4378887
Previous Plasmid name: IMAGE:6992220
Species: Xtr
Gene symbol: pax6
Gene Name: paired box 6
Gene synonyms: XLPAX6, xpax6, pax-6, an2, mgda, wagr
Gene Function: TF
Vector: pCMV-Sport6.1
Antibiotic: Amp
Purpose: To generate probe for in situ
Special Features: AGENCOURT_15156619 NICHD_XGC_Emb6 Silurana tropicalis cDNA clone IMAGE:6992220 5', MRNA sequence gi|33604574|gb|CF264195.1|[33604574]
Expression pattern:
Insert size and sites: 2.5 kb - Full length
Antisense Linearization: EcoRI
Antisense Polymerase: T7
Antisense size:
Sense Linearization:
Sense Polymerase:
Sense size: