Plasmid > pHS1-SPH45


Xenbase Number: n/a
Previous Plasmid name: pHS1
Species: Xla;Xtr
Gene symbol: vector
Gene Name:
Gene synonyms:
Gene Function: heat shock promoter
Vector: pHS1
Antibiotic: Amp
Purpose: Vector
Special Features: A 330bp long HindIII-XbaI fragment from phspCAT (plasmid no. 21, obtained from Alan Wolff╩╝s lab) containing the hsp promoter with TATA box was cloned into the pBluescript SK- (Anne Donaldson╩╝s prep, plasmid no. 41) to obtain plasmid pbshsp1 (SH30/6/98). pbshsp1 was then cut w/ XbaI, blunted with Klenow, cut with ScaI and cloned into a pCS2+ (plasmid no. 1) which had been cut with HindIII, blunted with Klenow and ScaI cut to yield plasmid HS1 (SH9/7/98). Note that blunt ligation recreated functional XbaI site.
Expression pattern:
Insert size and sites:
Antisense Linearization:
Antisense Polymerase:
Antisense size:
Sense Linearization:
Sense Polymerase:
Sense size:
Reference: G. N. Wheeler et al. CB 10: 849 (2000)