Plasmid > sfrp2-313


Xenbase Number: XB-CLONE-12271728
Previous Plasmid name: XsFRP2
Species: Xla
Gene symbol: sfrp2
Gene Name: secreted frizzled-related protein 2
Gene synonyms: mgc53344, sfrp-2
Gene Function: wnt signalling modulator
Vector: pcDNA3
Antibiotic: Amp
Purpose: To generate probe for in situ and mRNA for injection
Special Features:
Expression pattern:
Insert size and sites: sFRP-2 2Kb
Antisense Linearization: EcoR1
Antisense Polymerase: SP6
Antisense size:
Sense Linearization: Xho1
Sense Polymerase: T7
Sense size:
Reference: Pera EM and DeRobertis EM (2000), Mech. Dev. 96 183-195