X. tropicalis fosmids

Some Xenopus tropicalis fosmid libraries that are now stored at EXRC are being sent out to researchers. The libraries we have are prefixed AOPZ, AOKC, AHSY, AOKB, AHSX, ARBC, AHIO.

To access the X. tropicalis fosmids mapped to the genome first find your gene on Xenbase then select Version 7.1 of the genome in the genome browser section of the webpage and click on this to open it. At the top of the page is a tab “select tracks”. Click on this and then select “all on” under the fosmids heading and return to browser at the bottom of that page. The fosmids will then appear on the browser under your gene.

Please do NOT use genome 8.0 and refer to g browser.

Information about the vectors and how to use them can be found at www.jgi.doe.gov/sequencing/protocols/prots_production.html.

Please fell free to contact us by email for orders and enquires.