328del-3 (Xla.Tg(CMV:eCFP,HNF1BP328l329del)Ryff)

328del-3 (Xla.Tg(CMV:eCFP,HNF1BP328l329del)Ryff)

(EXRC Line #56)

Cre dependent human mutated HNF1B P328L329.

Contains the Cre/FLP effector CMV:ECFP(loxP)(FRT)HNF1BP328L329del.

The larvae show blue fluorescence and express upon Cre recombinase action the human mutated HNF1B P328L329.

http://www.addgene.org/Gerhart_Ryffel Accession ID: 30528.

Roose,M., et. al. (2009) “Heat-shock inducible Cre strains to study organogenesis in transgenic Xenopus laevis.” Trans Res. 18, 595-605.

Sauert,K., et. al. (2012) “Heat-shock mediated overexpression of HNF1 mutations has differential effects on gene expression in the Xenopus pronephric kidney.” PLoS. ONE, Vol7(3) e33522.

REMI – Ryffel lab

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