#5 NBT-Katushka [Xla.Tg(tubb2b:Katushka;Gga.cryaa:eCFP)2EXRC]

Line name: Xla.Tg(tubb2b:Katushka;Gga.cryaa:eCFP)2EXRC

Synonyms: NBT-Katushka, NBT-Katushka αCE2x6-CFP


EXRC line:#5

Transgene description: 3481bp N-β-tubulin (NBT) promoter and 5’UTR driving expression of Katushka (TurboFP-C); chicken crystallin alpha A enhancer 2 (alphaCE2x6) driving CFP expression in lens and pronephros as marker of integration (I-Sce-I).

Phenotype:  CFP expression in lens and pronephros. NB: NO Katushka in neurons in this line. Marker for pronephros only

Source lab: EXRC

Publication: Huang, J. K., Dorey, K., Ishibashi, S. and Amaya, E. (2007). “BDNF promotes target innervation of Xenopus mandibular trigeminal axons in vivo.” BMC Dev. Biol. 7, 59

Matsuo, I. and Yasuda, K. (1992). “The cooperative interaction between two motifs of an enhancer element of the chicken alpha A-crystallin gene, alpha CE1 and alpha CE2, confers lens-specific expression.” Nucleic Acids Res. 20, 3701-3712

Species: X laevis

Background strain:



Colour morph:pigmented