#53 Col2a1 [Xla.Tg(Xtr.col2α1:GFP;cryga:GFP]Hank

Line name: Xla.Tg(Xtr.col2α1:GFP;cryga:GFP)Hank

Synonyms col2a1:GFP


EXRC  line: #53

Non-standard MTA required? No

Transgene description: X. tropicalis collagen 2α1(col2α1) promoter and first intron driving eGFP (v4.1 JGI scaffold 161; base pair positions 125221–121349; BC063191), gamma-crystalline promoter driving GFP (used as a selection marker). I Sce-I

Phenotype: GFP expression in cartilaginous skeleton.

Source lab: Hank

Publication: Kerney, R., Hall, B. and Hanken, J. (2010) “Regulatory elements of Xenopus col2a1 drive cartilaginous gene expression in transgenic frogs.” Int. J. Dev. Biol. 54: 141-150.

Species: X laevis
Background strain:
Colour morph: