#58 Doc7 [Xla.Tg(CFP-ATTP)Ryff]

Line name:Xla.Tg(CFP-ATTP)Ryff<

Synonyms: Doc7


EXRC line: #58

Non-standard MTA required: Yes

Transgene description: This strains contains an attP docking site for phiC31 mediated integration within CFP open reading frame. Allows phiC31 mediated site directed insertion and the blue fluorescence is destroyed upon successful integration.

Phenotype: Allows integration of constructs into a specific site in the genome, which is important for applications such as promoter bashing. Successful integration destroys the CFP open reading frame and destroys the ubiquitous blue fluorescence. REMI

Source lab: Ryffel lab

Publication: Waldner et al, unpublished; to be continued by Soeren Lienkamp.

Species: X. laevis

Background strain:



Colour morph: Pigmented