#17 FLH:GFP x Albino [Xla.Tg(Dre.noto:GFP)1Amaya]

Line name: Xla.Tg(Dre.noto:GFP)1Amaya

Synonyms: FLH:GFP x Albino


EXRC line: #17

Non-standard MTA required? No

Transgene description:  Zebrafish flh promoter driving GFP, GenBank accession number AY214391. REMI

Phenotype: GFP expression in the pineal gland and posterior notochord. Heterozygous albino animals, pigmented but 50% of the offspring from an incross is expected to be albino.

Source lab: Amaya lab

Publication: Concha, M., et. al. (2003). Local tissue interactions across the dorsal midline of the forebrain establish CNS laterality. Neuron; 39(3):423-38.

Species: X laevis

Background strain:



Colour morph: pigmented