#85 Xla.Tg(hsp70:DNyap-GFP;cryga:tdTomato)Tamura

hsp70:dnYap-2A-GFP, gCry:tdTomato (Xla.Tg(hsp70:dnYap-GFP, cryga:tdTomato)Tamura)

(EXRC Line #85)

dnYap-2A-GFP can be induced by a heat-shock; tdTomato (red) fluorescence in the lens.

330 b of promoter of the X. laevis hsp70 gene driving expression dominant negative form of Yap (dnYap) tagged with GFP via 2A peptides and 2.2 kb gamma crystalline promoter driving tdTomato.

dnYap (labelled withGFP) specifically blocks Yap1 function in Hippo signalling and dnYap-2A-GFP expression can be induced at a specific time-point by a heat-shock in this transgenic Xenopus. Thus, you can block Yap1 function temporally at desired time-point by a heat-shock.

I Sce-I – Tamura lab