Inducible Collagen::TRDN-GFP (Xla.Tg(Mmu.col1a2:dnthra-GFP)Brown)

 Inducible Collagen::TRDN-GFP (Xla.Tg(Mmu.col1a2:dnthra-GFP)Brown)

(EXRC Line #26)

When induced with Dox, expresses a dominant negative form of the TH receptor (TRDN) fused to GFP widely in young tadpoles, late in tadpole development limb expression is restricted to cartilage and muscle. These animals die at the climax of metamorphosis, before resorbing their tail.
Mouse collagen enhancer fused to a minimal collagen α2 promoter drives transgene expression in many tissues of developing tadpoles.

Brown, D., et. al. (2005) “Thyroid hormone controls multiple independent programs required for limb development in Xenopus laevis metamorphosis”. PNAS 102, 12455-12458.

REMI – Brown lab

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