#202 NBT-Katushka γ-cry-Venus [Xla.Tg(tubb2b:Katushka;cryga:Venus)EXRC]

Line name: Xla.Tg(tubb2b:Katushka;cryga:Venus)EXRC

Synonyms:  NBT-Katushka γ-cry-VenusGFP /NBT-Katushka (2x ISce-1)


EXRC line: Line #202

Non-standard MTA required: No

Transgene description: 3481bp of tubb2b (N-β-tubulin, NBT) promoter and 5’UTR driving expression of Katushka (TurboFP-C); marker for integration selection: γ-cry Venus. (I Sce-I)

Phenotype: Katushka expression in differentiated neurons. Venus expression in the lens.

Source lab: EXRC


Huang, J. K., Dorey, K., Ishibashi, S. and Amaya, E. (2007). “BDNF promotes target innervation of Xenopus mandibular trigeminal axons in vivo.” BMC Dev. Biol. 7, 59.

Offield, M. F., Hirsch, N. and Grainger, R. M. (2000). “The development of Xenopus tropicalis transgenic lines and their use in studying lens developmental timing in living embryos.” Dev 127, 1789-1797.

Species: X laevis

Background strain:



Colour morph: