#16 PAX6 GFP, CMV Ds RED [Xla.Tg(pax6:GFP;CMV:RFP)Papal]

Line name: Xla.Tg(pax6:GFP;CMV:RFP)Papal

Synonyms: PAX6 GFP, CMV Ds RED


EXRC line: #16

(EXRC Line #16)

Expresses RFP throughout embryo and GFP in the anterior and posterior neural plate (from the early neurula stage – st.12.5).

3.6-kb PAX6 promoter driving GFP and CMVpromoter/enhancer driving RFP.

Pax-6GFP GenBank accession number AY048575.

Hartley,K.O., et. al. (2001) “Transgenic Xenopus Embryos Reveal That Anterior Neural Development Requires Continued Suppression of BMP Signalling after Gastrulation.” Dev. Biol. 238:168:184

REMI – Amaya lab

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