#65 pbin7Lef:dGFP [Xla.Tg(WntREs:deGFP)Vlemx]

Line name: Xla.Tg(WntREs:dEGFP)Vlemx

Synonyms: pbin7Lef:dGFP (F1)


EXRC line:#65

Non-standard MTA required: No

Transgene description: A synthetic Wnt-responsive promoter – consisting of 7 copies of a TCF/LEF1 binding DNA element and a minimal TATA box driving  destabilized EGFP and a polyA sequence. The transgene is flanked on both sides by two copies of the chicken HS4-core sequence. See Tran et al., 2010 and 2013 for a full description. REMI

Phenotype: GFP expression reveals dynamic patterns of Wnt/β-catenin signalling activity.

First clear signals present at neurula stage in the neural folds.

Source lab: Vleminckx lab

Publication: Hong Thi Tran, Kris Vleminckx, Design and use of transgenic reporter strains for detecting activity of signaling pathways in Xenopus,
Methods,Volume 66,2014,422-432

Species: X. laevis

Background strain:



Colour morph: Pigmented