#52 pDRTREG-HS4 [Xla.Tg(TRE:eGFP;cryga:dsRed) Buchz]

Line name: Xla.Tg(TRE:eGFP,cryga:dsRed)Buchz

Synonyms: pDRTREG-HS4


EXRC line: #52

Non-standard MTA required: No

Transgene description:  TRE (tetracycline/doxycycline response element) promoter driving eGFP; crystallin gamma A promoter driving dsRed. I Sce-I

Phenotype: Used with transgenic inducer frogs to inducibly label tissues with GFP. Double transgenic tadpoles expresses GFP under the control of the TRE (tetracycline/doxycycline response element) promoter in the presence of rtTA and Dox. Constitutive DsRed expression in eye.

Source lab: Buchholz lab

Publication: Kerney, R., et. al. (2012) “Cartilage on the move: Cartilage lineage tracing during tadpole metamorphosis.” Dev. Growth, 54:739-752

Species: X. laevis

Background strain:



Colour morph: Pigmented