pDRTREG-HS4 (Xla.Tg(TRE:eGFP,cryga:dsRed) Buchz)

pDRTREG-HS4 (Xla.Tg(TRE:eGFP,cryga:dsRed) Buchz)

(EXRC Line #52)

Reporter line.

Used with transgenic inducer frogs to inducible label tissues with GFP.

Constitutive DsRed expression in eye from crystallin:DsRed cassette. No other visible phenotype in the absence of a cross with a transgenic frog harboring an inducer transgene (e.g., pDPcol2.3rtTA-TRECre-HS4) (HS4-TRE:GFP/Cry:dsRed-HS4).

Double transgenic tadpoles expresses GFP under the control of the TRE (tetracycline/doxycycline response element) promoter in the presence of rtTA and Dox (“rtTA-dependent system”). The rtTA-system allowed conditional labelling of tadpole chondrocytes using the cartilage specific induction of GFP and lineage tracing of these chondrocytes through the persistence of GFP protein during metamorphosis. The rtTA system was used to lineage trace the cartilaginous skull through both natural metamorphosis and triiodothyronine- (T3-) induced metamorphosis.

Kerney, R., et. al. (2012) “Cartilage on the move: Cartilage lineage tracing during tadpole metamorphosis.” Dev. Growth, 54:739-752

I Sce-I – Buchholz lab