#101 SCL:GFP [Xla.Tg(Mmu.tal1:GFP)Patnt]

Line name: Xla.Tg(Mmu.tal1:GFP)Patnt

Synonyms: SCL:GFP


EXRC line: #0101

Non-standard MTA required? No

Transgene description: Mouse SCL +19 enhancer which contains a GATA-ETS-GATA core motif driving GFP

Phenotype: GFP expression in haematopoietic precursors.

Source lab:Patient lab


a. Göttgens, B., et. al. (2002) “Establishing the transcriptional programme for blood: the SCL stem cell enhancer is regulated by a multiprotein complex containing Ets and GATA factors”. EMBO 17;21(12):3039-50.
b. Spensberger, B,. et. al. (2010) “cis-Regulatory Remodeling of the SCL Locus during Vertebrate Evolution”. Mol Cell Biol. 30(24): 5741–5751.

Species: X.laevis

Background strain:



Colour morph:

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