XOPNTR (Xla.Tg(-508/+41XOP:NTR))

XOPNTR (Xla.Tg(-508/+41XOP:NTR))

(EXRC Line #49)

Rhodopsin promoter driving E. coli nitroreductase.

Plasmid used for transgenesis (pXOP(-508/+41)-NTR) consists of the E. coli nitroreductase (NTR) expressed under the control of the Xenopus laevis rhodopsin promoter from Barry Knox. Base vector is pEGFP-N1 (Clontech) lacking CMV immediate early promoter & eGFP.

Expression pattern is best detected by in situ hybridization for nitroreductase trangene and is expressed specifically in rod photoreceptors
Transgenic animals express nitroreductase in rod photoreceptors. Expression of the transgene has no deleterious effect on the development or survival of transgenic animals. However, addition of Metronidazole results in rapid, specific death of rod cells.

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REMI – Engbretson and Knox
Zuber lab