Xtr.unc45bmZimml Dicky Ticker (dit)

Name: Xtr.unc45bmZimml

Synonyms: dicky ticker, ditmh71, T319-C (Zimml lab no.)

Type of mutation: ENU

Affected gene: unc-45 myosin chaperone B (unc45b) 

Phenotype: Homozygote mutants are completely paralysed and have no heartbeat due to disrupted striated muscle myofibrillogenesis.

Publication: Geach, T. J., & Zimmerman, L. B. (2010). Paralysis and delayed Z-disc formation in the Xenopus tropicalis unc45b mutant dicky ticker. BMC developmental biology10, 75. doi:10.1186/1471-213X-10-75

T319-C dit-C Dicky ticker

Confocal analysis of sarcomere formation in WT (left panels) and dit (right panels). Image published in Geach and Zimmerman (2010)