Xtr.npntmZimml [xenopus de milo]

Name: Xtr.npntmZimml

Synonyms: Xenopus de milo, Venus de froggo, xdm, T388 (Zimml lab no.)

Type of mutation: insertional

Affected gene: nephronectin

Phenotype: Homozygotes lack all forelimb structures, otherwise development appears normal. Green fluorescence in the heart. This is a serendipitous insertion of the nkx2-5:GFP transgene (Mohun lab) into intron 1 of the nephronectin gene. Homozygous transgenics show the xdm phenotype.

Publication: Abu-Daya A, Nishimoto S, Fairclough L, Mohun TJ, Logan MP, Zimmerman LB. The secreted integrin ligand nephronectin is necessary for forelimb formation in Xenopus tropicalis. Dev Biol. 2011;349(2):204-12.